Monday, 6 July 2009

Hey, this blog is not really live yet, I am still developing it, but I thought I would mention the release of 67 of the Ratcliffe-on-Soar 114. This is the case of 114 climate protesters who were pre-emptively arrested for alledgedly planning a protest at a power station. This case was outrageous on several grounds. First the idea of pre-emptive arrest for non-violent crimes is a very worrying development. Surely if the police were so worried they could just protect the site? Secondly, the injunctions placed on some of the protesters forbid them being involved in any other protest activities, which is a sinister and insidious attempt to stifle dissent. Finally, coming so soon after the behaviour of the Metropolitan Police at the Climate Camp and G20 demonstrations in London, this was once again an attempt to smear the climate movement (one of the police officers alledgedly asked the protesters if they were proud of being terrorists).

The fact that 67 protesters have had their charges dropped is to be welcomed. I will be very interested to know what is happening to the rest. The pre-emptive arrest of peaceful protesters is a disgrace, and something which the people of Britain should be very concerned about.

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