Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Is Miliband stealing my words?

I just saw this in the Guardian.

"If Martin Luther King had come along and said 'I have a nightmare' people would not have followed him," Miliband said, quoting someone he met at the Guardian's recent Manchester climate change summit. "You have to persuade people that, yes, there are costs of not acting but also there is a vision of society at the end of this: more secure, more prosperous, fairer better quality of life. All those things are crucial to persuade people to take the leap.

Okay, either Miliband is stealing my words (see New thinking in the city?, below), or this phrase now is part of the New Labour communication strategies…There was probably a memo.. While I do agree with the general sentiment, I am slightly miffed with the fact that it is being used in an article in which Miliband explains why they will not tax aviation. I also feel that perhaps I have been cleverly and unconciously tricked into spouting the party line! I don’t feel any raybeams controlling me… maybe the Labour Party are employing a form of subtle hypnosis…?

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