Friday, 21 August 2009

Climate Camp in London next week

I would just like to remind anyone who checks this of the upcoming Climate Camp in London, which begins on Wednesday the 26th at a mystery location in London...

I have no illusions about climate camp, but what it occasionally lacks in cold logic and unity it makes up for in enthusiasm and positivity, and has managed to build itself into one of the most important social and environmental events in the UK, spawning spin offs around the world from Australia to Korea.  It is a protest movement and meeting space, nothing more and nothing less, but it is a good one. It has energized activists and the media, it has put issues like the new coal power station at Kingsnorth at the top of the agenda. It has showed admirable maturity in the face of police aggression, and won, causing the metropolitan police to humiliate themselves with their own actions. If you are around London during the camp I urge you come on down, even if just for a few hours. Make some contacts, make some plans. You probably won't agree with everything you hear, but at least you will know they care. There is no place for pointless cynicism. 

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