Monday, 9 November 2009

Thoughts on India

I was recently in India and Nepal for work, and while there are many wonderful things about India, at its worst it also offers a terrifying vision of environmental degradation and overcrowding. I am not suggesting that there are any direct parallels between the complex causes of India's problems and the future of the world, but the combination of overcrowding, weak governance, industrial pollution, water shortages and so on which are obvious in many parts of the subcontinent (particularly in the cities) are a sober reminder of how bleak the future could be if we fail to tackle our impending environmental crises. It is not that the human race, or indeed any section of it, will die out. It is much more likely that we will simply end up packed together, in a far bleaker, dirtier and less healthy world. For me that is just as frightening. 

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