Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Ocean rubbish

Just a quick comment on the rubbish which turns up on the beaches at Ascension. We are more than 1000km from the nearest land and 1500km from the nearest mainland. The main shipping routes and cruise ships bypass the island. At the same time, there is still a fair amount of plastic washed up on the beaches. Not much, but enough to illustrate just how much debris there must be floating in the ocean. A sad thought, and one which needs to be tackled at every level. On a UK level, when I was a child there were adverts everywhere telling you not to litter, and they did seem to have an effect on casual polluters. I haven't seen those for a while - perhaps they are out there, but if not, can we have some back?

Also we have spotted some ships out at sea at night. The consensus seems to be that they are illegal fishing boats. This is a massive problem across the world, and one which is still not taken seriously enough.

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