Friday, 2 April 2010

UK sets up world’s largest marine reserve

Good news. The UK government has set up the world’s largest marine reserve around the British Indian Ocean Territory. I know that some of the Chagossians who are looking to return to their home in the territory are upset about this, but from everything I have heard the two things are not really connected. If the Chagossians do return to the archipelago then at least the seas should still be in good condition. If it is still ruled by the UK, a deal can be worked out to allow the islanders fishing rights in the reserve. If not they can do what they like. The Mauritians are also upset, because the UK has agreed to give them the islands when they don’t want them any more. Again though, I don’t see the problem. If they get them, they can change their status, but in the meantime anything which can protect the region from commercial fishing, deep sea mining and illegal exploitation can only be a good thing.
Now, let’s see what we can do to speed up the creation of National Marine Reserves around the British Isles.

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