Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Lib-Con environment policies

So we now have a broad outline of the environment policies from the new Liberal Democrat - Conservative coalition in the UK. Nothing too surprising in there, as most of this was already on the table in some form or another. Good to see a committment to a green bank and banded ROCs, but I think that would have happened anyway. Also good to see that the Tories did not get to overturn Ed Milibands rule that any new coal plants must integrate carbon capture and storage. A fair amount of it is also very vague (measure to encourage marine energy?) and improve biodiverdity (?) but at least it is in there.

The only thing that disturbs me a little is that there is no mention of the Marine Bill or the urgent need to establish an extensive network of marine protected areas.. let us hope that this is an oversight, and not a reflection of the coalition's reliance on coastal constituencies in the South-west, North East and Wales....

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