Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Ed Miliband - good news?

Ed Miliband is the new labour leader. Now, I like Ed Miliband. He was good at the Department for Energy and Climate Change, and while I might disagree with him on some of the tactics for dealing with climate change, I really do get the sense that he get's it - something I see from very very few politicians in the current government, with the possible exception of Chris Huhne, who is fighting an uphill struggle in the Tory-led administration.

Also, let's be frank. Ed was rightly against the Iraq war, and can say so openly, since he wasn't an MP then. This is refreshing as he is our first post war leader for one of the two big parties. He also seems like a nice chap. Whether he can win or not I don't know. Is he strong enough and decisive enough? Will he be able to fend off the small minded, anti-left, andti-intellectual and frankly anti semitic slant in some of the press? I hope that he can, not even so that he could be prime minister, but so that we can have a strong, pro-environment opposition for the first time.