Wednesday, 3 November 2010

California retains climate law despite efforts from Big Oil

Proposition 23, the controversial bill to suspend California's climate change law, has been defeated in a State-wide referendum. The proposal shot to prominance largely thanks to the huge amount of money raised by both sides. While those supporting the measure originally made all the headlines by securing nearly $10 million from fossil fuels companies based in Texas or Kansas, it was those opposing who came through strongest at the end, amassing a war chest of up to $25 million, made up of donations from Silicon Valley software companies, venture capitalists and clean-tech ventures.... Could one day be seen as the turning point, when the fossil fuel lobby finally met its match...?

In the meantime, this looks like good news for California and the development of clean technology. With any luck it will also help to stiffen the spines of those US politicians who support proactive measures to tackle climate change.

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