Wednesday, 15 December 2010

So long green bank

Arrrghhh! More terrible news. It never stops does it? Looks as thought the much vaunted Green Bank in the UK will be scaled back to little more than a fund for providing grants, with no abiity to raise credit or issue bonds. Basicaly it will not be a bank. It's hard to know where to start with my feelings of disappointment, not just with the apparent demise of the bank (signaled by the Energy Secretary in the Guardian) but with the failure once again of this government to live up to its promise. Its mania with cutting the deficit RIGHT NOW, could set the country back years and cripple infrastructure development and business investment, particularly in new and emerging industries like renewable energy and clean tech where we should be world leaders.

It is terrifying to see our most free market government for decades coming to power just as the free market dream is dying. I only hope we can get through it wih enough intact to build on.

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