Friday, 18 November 2011

Three cheers for the sea!

I was just thinking today about marine wildlife. I have probably spent no more than twelve days out on the seas around the UK in the last three years. None of those were full days, but a mixture of ferry trips, boat trips and wildlife tours. I have spent a few more days by the sea, but not so many. That is not much. Yet in this short time I have been lucky enough to see an astonishing array of wildlife – several sets of dolphins, untold porpoises, hundreds of seals, sunfish, minke whales, sea otters, fishing eagles, sea bird colonies, thresher sharks and more besides. That is actually quite incredible when you think how little time I have been able to spend looking, and how big the seas are. True I have made sure I was looking in good places, but even so, it is a testament to the fantastic amount of life out there, and how much we stand to lose if we don’t take better care of it.