Monday, 12 March 2012

UK opposing higher EU renewable targets?

Wow. Well, according to some leaked documents on Business Green, elements in the UK government are saying that they are opposing an extension of the European renewable energy targets. Right now they are 20% by 2020, and there are proposals to extend them into 2030 and beyond. The Department for Energy and Climate Change seems to be suggested that it wants a broader mix (i.e. nuclear) and that the targets should include this.

This is a terrible idea, and one will will likely turn into a battle. Nuclear is not necessarily the worst thing ever in my opinion, although I do have concerns over waste, proliferation and cost, but it is a poor excuse for a climate policy. Furthermore I suspect it will be left for dust in the coming decades by the rapidly falling cost of renewables. Failure to invest in renewables now and to cling to the nuclear white elephant could seem like a absurd move in a few years.

Indeed as I have said before this is my big hope for this issue - that pretty soon renewable electricity will be cheap enough to make all of these arguments seem academic, and that all the people who said it would never worked now claim to have backed it all along.