Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wildflowers for London

Okay, this is just a post to express an idea. More and more I have been trying to think of little things I can do to make London a little greener, a little more wildlife-friendly and a little brighter. Most of the possibilities which have come to mind unfortunately involve hedge-fund like quantities of money, but one little plan seems to have stuck with me.

All around where I live are semi-abandoned verges of dry, sad grass. Little patches of green and brown. Many are probably only temporary and will be subsumed in the next few years by the Kings Cross redevelopment. I assume there are similar little patches all over town. My thought was to sow these areas with wildflowers, and then get the council to agree a sympathetic cutting schedule. The aim is not to garden those tucked away areas which have run riot (like the banks of the canals etc)... those are to be celebrated and left alone. The plan is for those areas which will never be anything more than short scrubby grass and a few hardy species which can survive alongside.

Basically the plan would need:

  • botanical advice
  • some big bags of native wildflower seed
  • goodwill from the council
  • a few volunteers. 
If it worked, then lots of temporary (or permanent) little wildflower meadows might spring up all over London - good for bees, birds and people, and certainly more interesting that grass.

Interested in people's thoughts.... 

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