Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Rewilding a wetland - update!

Hi folks. What a difference some rain makes! Was down at my field for the first time in a wee while and it was wet. Very wet indeed. Obviously you expect and to some degree hope for that when you are doing a wetland project, but it was still exciting to see.

Anyway, it was a beautiful sight. Herons, goldfinches, flocks of lapwings and starlings, snipe, kestrel and buzzards were all there, both in my field and my neighbours land. With a few more trees and little diversity of plantlife, who knows what might come along?

So that's the next step - to source some local trees to scatter in a couple of areas. Alder and downy birch to begin with, as I see plenty of them growing in similar areas a couple of miles away. Perhaps the odd oak on firmer ground, or if I have leftover soil from digging a scrape. Hawthorn and willow may be able to seed themselves.

I also installed a trail-cam to get an idea of what larger creatures may be passing through. Not only is this fun, but it might be important for trees planting. No point leaving little trees exposed if the deer are just going to eat them. :)

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