Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Wild boar in our history

Hi all  - I just thought I would upload this beautiful painting from the lid of a 6th century Anglo-Saxon coffin I saw in the papers today, showing a wild boar hunt.

I love stuff like this, as it shows the vital place that wildlife has, and has always had in our culture and that of our predecessors. Quite simply our lives are enriched by sharing them with other creatures, something which can be forgotten in the dry world of ecosystem services and flood prevention which makes up so much of the conservation debate.

As you will know wild boar are now living and breeding in the several locations of the UK, and despite persecution and the occasional calls for their removal by various zoophobes, they seem to be well accepted.

Long may it remain that way, and lets hope it won't be long before they are found in forests and fens right across the country.

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