Tuesday, 16 May 2017

'Mon the fox

Its easy to forget how great foxes are. So common and suburban, so much abused in agricultural folklore and the media, this perfect little predator is rarely given its due.

Their orange-red fur is the match of any dhole or jackal, particularly in winter when they have their thickest coats. I once saw one tracking down geese at first light on Dartmoor, and it struck me that this was the equal of any small hunter I had seen on the plains of India. 

Anyway - here are a few pieces of footage of a fox which appears to frequent my field, taken over a couple of weeks just after Christmas. Hunting, calling, running from the rain. I'm glad I can help provide a refuge.

As a final aside fox hunting back in the news with the soon to be PM Theresa May saying she will have a free vote on the issue. I don't want to get into the issue over whether predators need 'control' but two things are clear. 

If we eat less meat then fewer predators will need controlled. 

Fox hunting is wrong. Yes, animals get killed violently all the time, and that's just the way it is, but why would we wish to inflict that horror on another living thing for no reason? Those - like Jacob Rees-Mogg - who have tried to claim that hunting with dogs is more humane than say, being shot with a rifle, are lying to themselves to justify their support of hunting. We should ask them whether they personally would rather be shot with a high powered rifle, or chased by a mob and torn apart by dogs. Didn't think so. 

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